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  • Shattering the silence with celebration, a woman’s perspective

    9 September 2014 IST | Mumbai | Her Story

    Numbers can adequately explain problems society faces, but stories have much louder voices. As a social enterprise in India, Aakar strives to accentuate the severity and depth of menstrual taboos. It is important to share the realities of how these stigmas affect the lives of individual women. Women that we know and love Read More

  • The Poster Boy Of Crowdfunding

    8 August 2014 IST | Mumbai | Mans World Beta

    At the 2014 Winter Olympics, the US luge team had BMW help with its sleds, the Italy team had Ferrari, and the Indian team had us. Five-time Olympian Shiva Keshavan bought a new sled after raising Rs 9.4 lakh on crowdfunding website Ketto. Co-founded by actor Kunal Kapoor and entrepreneur Varun Sheth, Ketto is like Kickstarter with a bleeding heart. While Kickstarter helps in making money, Ketto helps in distributing it. Read More

  • Crowdfunding site Ketto raises Rs 50 lakh to send Jharkhand girls team for USA Cup

    21 July 2014 IST | Mumbai | F. Business

    Ketto, a crowdfunding platform for social causes, closed its biggest crowdfunding campaign last month raising little over Rs 50 lakh that will be used to sponsor 15 underprivileged girls for The USA Cup, one of the largest football tournaments in the world. Yuwa, the organization behind the team of tribal girls from rural Jharkhand seeking to play in the tournament, approached Ketto who along with Star Sports helped promote the campaign on their platform and worked collectively to raise money. " Read More

  • Khabar Lahariya: India's only truly local newspaper needs your help

    16 July 2014 IST | | The Sunday Gurdian

    If you've always wanted to support powerful, local, independent journalism in India, and never known how, this is your lucky day. Khabar Lahariya is a chain of local language newspapers produced by rural women in districts of UP and Bihar. 40 local women from marginalised communities trained as journalists, reach 80,000 people across 600 media dark villages each week, in the local language of that area. It's news that no one else cared to report, down dirt tracks no one else treads, and in voic Read More

  • Internet Heros

    4 July 2014 IST | | Youtube

    All about crowdfunding Read More

  • Startups could become investment avenue for retail investors as Sebi plans to regulate crowdfunded deals

    3 July 2014 IST | | Economic Times

    "Would any of you be interested in owning a slice of this healthfood restaurant in Bangalore?" the mail asked. Arvind Ramachandran, who sent the mail, was looking to raise Rs 20 lakh in four weeks for a restaurant in Koramangala, a buzzing locality in the heart of the city. He had eaten at the restaurant several times, and was impressed by the food as well as by the health and vegan philosophy behind the eatery started by a former IT professional. Read More

  • Raising fever on the sporting pitch

    18 June 2014 IST | | Times Of India

    The voices are raising, the campaigns are gaining ground and the funds have started to pour in! In a welcome change for the future, the Indian sports fraternity has started raising the fever on the pitch, no more satisfied with sitting outside the boundary and being a mute spectator. The athletes, supporters and friends of sports have now taken in their hands the mantle of sport development in India, no longer relying solely on the government aid to push the development theme. Read More

  • Amitabh Bachchan contributes to OGQ & Ketto campaign Medals4India

    17, June 2014 IST | Mumbai | Core Communique

    Ketto and Not for Profit organisation Olympic Gold Quest have successfully raised close to 15 lacs to help Indian Athletes for the Commonwealth games, Asian games and World Cups! Mr. Amitabh Bachchan has generously contributed for this campaign and has supported the dreams of our Indian Athletes! Read More

  • Is Crowdfunding the next big thing in India? Check out what the founders of, Kunal Kapoor and Varun Sheth have to say

    9 June 2014 IST | | Encell Blog

    Recently, at The Entrepreneurial Conclave 2014, we caught up with Varun Sheth, who along with actor Kunal Kapoor founded a crowd funding platform which is creating ripples in the industry. The Conclave was organized by Young Biz Times, a company which aims at providing a suitable media platform for startups. One of the founders of YBT, Mr. Gopalkrishnan emphasized on the increase in the number of startups but the lack of a proper support system to guide entrepreneurs. YBT aims to occu Read More

  • Aspiring investors log onto online deal platforms like AngelList, BankerBay, Lets Venture to back new ideas

    June 6 2014 IST | Mumbai | Economic Times

    About 80 per cent of the focus of Ah! Ventures is on raising funds for startups while 20 per cent is focused on mentorship and sourcing. While Chennai-based educational technology startup Harness Handitouch raised Rs 1 crore from Ah! in 2012, crowdfunding platform Ketto raise Rs 77 lakh last year, from Calcutta Angels via Ah!. The revenue models for most platforms are commission based. Read More

  • Ketto connects you with nonprofits & companies with the aim of making a difference in society.

    May 14 2014 IST | Mumbai | Storify by livefyre

    Varun Sheth Founder & CEO Ketto speaks to us on how Ketto is helping raise funds for NGO and other Social Causes. Ketto's New Campaign for Olympic Gold Quest to raise funds for athletes for Common Wealth and Asian Games Read More

  • Dna young turks: A societal affair

    3 May 2014 IST | Mumbai | DNA India

    The need for social change is one that these four Mumbai residents have owned, crawling up the steep learning curve that philanthropy exhibits today Step away, Ambanis. Move over, Ratan Tata. It turns out that emerging economies such as India are growing some philanthropic colossi of their own. Is it because of the genesis of a class of elitists leading to a rise in private and family-led foundations? Or is it a reaction to now restricted to north-south aid fluxes? Read More

  • Ace sportspersons like Yuki Bhambri, Vikas Gowda to raise money via crowdfunding

    April 21 2014 IST | Mumbai | The Economic Times

    MUMBAI: This week tennis ace Yuki Bhambri and discus thrower Vikas Gowda will begin raising money oncrowdfunding platforms as they look to raise capital for a new season of international competition. The move has the potential to create a new robust stream of funding for sportspersons who struggle to get the attention of large companies obsessed with the glamour of cricket. The Bhambri campaign to raise Rs20 lakh kicks off on Catapooolt, a two-year old crowdfunding platform while Gowda will see Read More

  • Kunal Kapoor || Bollywood Actor|| The Olympic Gold Quest & Ketto |

    April 17 2014 IST | Mumbai | Youtube Video

    It was not long ago that every Indian across the world sat up and took notice of his brilliant performance in the cult movie 'Rang De Basanti'. He motivated youngsters to fight for change, and once again,he is trying do the same by encouraging people to come forward and help those in need for financial Read More

  • Ketto.Org, A Crowdfunding Platform In Social Domain

    March 24, 2014 IST | Mumbai | Inch 42. Magazine

    Founded on 15 August 2012 by Varun Sheth along with Zaheer Adenwala and bollywood actor Kunal Kapoor, Ketto is a Mumbai based crowdfunding platform focusing mainly in social domain. With celebrity support, the platform wants to connect individuals and brands with fundraisers and enables entrepreneurs to raise funding and increase awareness. Read More

  • Femina Marathon - Run to save the girl child, run for the change.

    March 18 2014 IST | Delhi | MEFA Agency

    Femina Run for a Cause’. Every sixth girl child’s death in India can be attributed to our gender bias. The girl’s child world is promising yet gloomy, hopeful, yet in despair. This month, don’t just stand in support for the girl child instead Run!! Read More

  • The Disruptors : Meet a new breed of forward-thinkers

    March 4 2014 IST | Mumbai | Entrepreneur Magazine

    Technology is revolutionizing each and every sector of the modern global economy, even areas such as aquaculture and social work, which historically have had little association with the tech world. Spearheading this change are a new breed of disruptors, that is bucking the traditional ways of doing business, shaking things up, driving down barriers to entry, and importantly, paving the way for the next wave of forward-thinkers to rise up. Read More

  • Actor Kunal Kapoor raises 45 lakh through crowd-sourcing

    23 February 2014 IST | Mumbai | The Economic Times

    KOLKATA: Bollywood actor Kunal Kapoor has supported a crowd-funding portal Ketto and helped them to raise more than Rs 45 lakh in the last one year Read More

  • Kunal Kapoor's portal to work for animal welfare, environment

    February 2 2015 IST | Mumbai | Business Standard

    Actor Kunal Kapoor's online crowd-fund raising portal "Ketto" will focus on gathering contributions for animal welfare and environmental organisations this year, its CEO said Tuesday. "Ketto", formed by Kapoor, and its CEO Varun Sheth, partnered Kolkata's new boutique hotel and restaurant "The Corner Courtyard", to raise funds through a charity dinner to support SOS Children's Village, Kolkata. Read More